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Straddle THIS horse, baby ;)
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Tahu Uniter- The End by B-D-L
Tahu Uniter- The End
"Products discontinue, legends survive.... Who knows, some day we humans might be sending bio-mechanical beings into the unknown depths of space and they might one day land on a golden beach somewhere..."-- Christian Faber

Bionicle took a dirt nap yesterday. 


Mature Content

BA Dread mini gif
Its a little too fast but I got it done. I've always wanted to animate one of my characters. I'll probably do more at some point down the road.

The character is mine.
Badass Motherfuckers [black and white] by B-D-L
Badass Motherfuckers [black and white]
After tinkering on this for a few years its finally finished. A compilation of a majority of my favorite characters in one scene; My main source of reference material is based on the Avengers: Age of Ultron character poster set. There were other characters I wanted to feature but it would've been too much clutter. At some point, I'm going to do a blood version of this using red ink.

From left to right:

-Aku and Samurai Jack
-Toa Lhikan Mangai [Bionicle]
-Spike Spiegel [Cowboy Bebop]
-Scorpion [Mortal Kombat]
-Doomguy [DOOM]
-B.A. Dread [OC character]
-BJ Blazkowicz [Wolfenstein]
-Lara Croft [Tomb Raider]
-Ghost Rider 
-Roronoa Zoro [One Piece]
-Bardock [Dragon Ball Z]
-Crash Bandicoot and Aku Aku

-High tech Nazi Army [Wolfenstein: The New Order]
-Technology-equipped Demons from hell [DOOM]
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I post more stuff on there 'cause I don't feel like posting here.
Aside from in the comments, I don't say this enough and the wording may be a off a bit. But I'll tell you why...

It came to my attention from my favorite comedian Bardock Obama on twitter that he got into an argument with Damien Ritter, I guess a rapper and a partner of Hopsin's. Both rappers but I could care less who they are. Anyways...

News broke around earlier that Hopsin was retiring from rapping and his partner Ritter didn't say much of it. Bardock got on his case for not letting the fans know of what's happening and that he "owes" them an explanation. Ritter denied it and was entitled to his own kin. 

The sweetness of all this was that Bardock stated that every celebrity owes their fans one thing and that's their success. Without the fans, you're nothing, fans give you the attention, fans make you what you are, etc. Ritter feels that he doesn't owe his fans jack shit, even though he pony-rode Hopsin's ass to the top of the fame chain. The ignorance of not acknowledging who brought you up and who kept you up is baffling, especially when your fame came out of mass support.

I'm not a big name artist to the masses and I prefer to keep it that way. Sometimes you have to know how you want to be seen in life, but I don't want to be over-rated otherwise my craft will turn to shit. I mainly draw for myself but I have no problem doing work for other people, so long as they hold up their end of the deal. But its good to have your art seen, whether they love it or if there's some critical error in the drawing. Whatever the outcome, I'm fortunate and I give out my thanks in whatever way I can.

I started drawing at a young age so I never intended to actually be seen, but your destiny has to build up over time, so long as you don't forget your origins. 

So after the last few years of being here, I'd like to thank all the people who follow me in what I do. And special thanks to the Bionicle fanbase on here that come across and like my work, you guys are the best. However you guys see me on here, that's because of you. I don't plan on stopping anyways.

Happy holidays to all and thank you all again for the support.



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Brandon "The Danger" Lyons
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I'm Brandon, and I just draw whatever is considered "badass" to me.

Currently working on 2 original graphic novel series. Also planning out a Bionicle fan fiction.

Trying to understand digital art.

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